服务国内Top级别MCN机构-新榜,为美妆品牌提供KOL Social传播策划(微博、微信、抖音、B站、小红书等平台),以内容深层次的制作输出和有力的目标传播,配合KOL多层级配置,多渠道传播美妆产品信息。
服务范围包括雅诗兰黛和欧莱雅旗下品牌:TOMFORD, 美即,欧莱雅男士,欧莱雅护发,YSL等。

New Rank, as top tier MCN in China, Monkey Studio has helped New Rank to pitch, plan and execute social media campaigns for L'Oreal Group and Estee Lauder Group, include but not limit to: Tom Ford, MeiJi, L'Oreal Haircare, L'Oreal Men, YSL and etc.

The campaigns were delivered to the targeted audiences on all the mainstream social, digital and ecommerce platforms such as: WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, BiiBili, RED and etc.
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